Choose the level of involvement that suits you

I want to support your study in the best way that fits you, your project, your staff and your organisation.

Whether your project is about to start, is currently ongoing or has reached a completion stage, you’ll probably find one of the following three options will fit the bill.

If not, please contact me via the sidebar to discuss other possibilities.

1.  Contribution to your study

Appropriate when you and your organisation take overall responsibility for the evaluation, planning and carrying out the tasks yourselves. You need some advice or hands-on help with specific parts of your research, such as choosing a survey method, training interviewers, analysing data, or writing the report.

2. Working Together

Appropriate when you and your organisation want to make a significant practical input to your study, and lack the time or skills to do it all. We will develop a partnership approach with shared responsibility for aspects such as the research plan, data collection, primary surveys, data analysis and reporting.

3. Full Study

Appropriate when a funder requires a full, independent feasibility study, or review, or your time availability is very limited. However, please be aware that a meaningful study does require a significant engagement between your organisation and myself, particularly at the outset.

Other services


I provide training for groups, and coaching for individuals, in:

  • preparing a research plan
  • phone interview skills
  • use of Survey Monkey for online surveys
  • how to prepare a questionnaire
  • how to analyse open-ended questionnaires
  • report writing

How I work

You’ll get a friendly, professional service keying into the way your organisation works, and also bringing in the cream of the ideas and methods I’ve gleaned from many years of conducting evaluations.

Where appropriate, I’ll share my skills with you and your staff during the course of the evaluation.

Typical steps

For a typical Full Study I will:

  • discuss your needs, and help you formulate research objectives
  • design a method to suit your needs and budget
  • obtain information through deskwork &/or primary research
  • analyse and interpret the information
  • make recommendations
  • run a stakeholder workshop to test emerging ideas
  • provide an easy-to-read report, and a presentation

For Work Together, or a Contribution, I will:

  • discuss and agree with you a partnership way of working
  • agree my responsibilities
  • carry out relevant tasks from the above list for a Full Study


The outputs you can expect from an independent evaluation include:

  • Report
    • easy to read in plain English
    • clearly structured, so readers can easily access the information they need, be it: the executive summary, detailed background, results, or key conclusions and recommendations.
  • PowerPoint presentation of key results
  • Stakeholder Workshop, to disseminate findings and, and test ideas to further develop your project

And when I work in partnership with you, you’ll gain:

  • further understanding of the research process
  • new or enhanced research skills.

If you like the idea of my services, please go to my Portfolio or About May to find out more, or Contact me from the sidebar.