Evaluation of the Excellence through Education and Business Links (EEBL) programme

The EEBL programme aims to improve pupil’s education through strengthened links between schools and business. In practice the main thrust had been teacher placements in business, though the aspiration is for a two-way exchange.

Careers Scotland wanted to know to what extent the EEBL objectives were being achieved, and how the programme could be improved.

Careers Scotland had an extensive database of participant details, from which they provided a profile of teacher use of the programme. They also held hard copy data including: teacher application forms, teacher evaluations, teacher case studies and business evaluations. We carried out an extensive desk exercise to match the gains on the evaluation and case study forms against the 11 EEBL objectives.

We used postal questionnaires to gain further feedback on achievement of objectives from teachers, and also their head teachers. Respondents were asked to evidence their rating of achievement.

With our help the Project Manager profiled the provision and management of teacher placements through the X area projects, and we later held a workshop with managers of the 11 EEBL projects to discuss strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

Data from all these sources was summarised and interpreted under a series of key headings, and conclusions and recommendations drawn.

This evaluation, alongwith focus groups carried out by another consultancy, contributed to changes in the EEBL programme.

Johnstone M, Strathspey Surveys and DJM Development, 2004, Evaluation of Excellence in Education through Business Links, for Careers Scotland.