Feb 032009

You’ve heaved a sigh of relief now that the research has been contracted out; time now to get on with all the other things on your plate!

Imagine you commissioned builders to build your house extension; would you leave them to it?

More likely you’d want to check how things are going, maybe even adjust things a little as you go along. Continue reading »

Dec 102008

You have six tenders sitting in front of you; now comes the challenge of checking them all out and deciding how to proceed.

This task reminds me of going to buy a pair of jeans for my teenage daughter. First I need to be very clear of her size and current fashion preferences, then there’s a fair chance I’ll get a pair she likes! Continue reading »

Oct 152008

Summarising what your project is about, and asking questions of potential researchers can feel daunting.

This checklist will help you benefit from the experience of others, put your invitation to tender together quickly, and receive robust tenders.

Then you’ll be well placed to choose between them.
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Oct 012008

You know your research will be sound, however you’re feeling a bit unsure that your recommendations will be acted on.

It’s easy to get so involved in the ins and outs of researching your project, that you lose sight of the bigger picture. In the current climate of partnership working, and projects funded from multiple sources, you’re likely to have a range of stakeholders with an interest in your project. If you want your stakeholders to act on your recommendations; you’ll need to involve them at various stages of the research. Continue reading »