May Johnstone

Oct 012008

You know your research will be sound, however you’re feeling a bit unsure that your recommendations will be acted on.

It’s easy to get so involved in the ins and outs of researching your project, that you lose sight of the bigger picture. In the current climate of partnership working, and projects funded from multiple sources, you’re likely to have a range of stakeholders with an interest in your project. If you want your stakeholders to act on your recommendations; you’ll need to involve them at various stages of the research. Continue reading »

Sep 102008

Project managers usually say to me: “No problem, we can give you a list of clients/businesses/providers to use for the survey”. Compared with developing the questions to ask, the survey list sounds like the easy part. In practice it can be a minefield, so I’d like to save you from falling into the three main pitfalls of lists.  Continue reading »